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Walton on Thames

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Replacement bathrooms and kitchens

In May 2014 Ark Build was awarded a contract by Paragon CHG to carry out kitchen and bathroom improvements across their residential estate in the Walton on Thames area.

The exact number and location of the properties was undefined at the commencement of the project and this in itself became the largest challenge during the mobilisation and initial phases of the project.

As work orders were placed by Paragon it soon became clear that the properties were spread over a large geographic area as opposed to being concentrated on single estates.

Initially this caused logistical challenges for management, deliveries and trade on trade sequencing however after a bedding down period a robust management and delivery procedure was developed and we proceeded to implement a system of work which was delivering bathroom and kitchen replacements in 5 and 10 days respectively.

In the fiscal year 2014/15 175 properties were improved efficiently and to the standard set by Paragon’s quality control team. The success of the operation led to us establishing a permanent base in Walton on Thames and being awarded a further year on the contract.

Our primary site management team comprising two managers, an RLO and an administrative assistant was retained together with 4 installation teams and they went on to  successfully deliver bathroom and kitchen improvements to a further 286 properties in the fiscal year 2015/6.

The contract was administered by TFT during the first year and by Paragon CHG directly during the second year.

Paragon CHG

Tuffin Ferraby Taylor 

Contract value

Contract period
2 years

Walton on Thames and surrounding areas

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